Earth Changes: Age of Ascension Theories

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

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Video: Gov. of Myanmar work alongside Monks: Update.
Burma Finances not enough to stop Int'l threat of disease spread.

Tragedy in China..."We will definitely overcome this major disaster," -Mr. Wen
Earthquake In Sichuan Province - China
-12 May 2008 - Filmed during the quake.

The earth is now shifting, redistributing, with volcanic disruptions, both underwater and above; with varying degrees of intensity.
Eruptions subside at Sicily's Mount Etna AFP -

US states: Mo., Okla., Ga.
Our planet is renewing, and so is man's consciousness...
On the one hand, we are daunted by a Regime's militant armies who race for the coming of their Religious leader; and on the other, Al Gore gives his feed-back, but only if it is taxable!

I just found this theory which examines the ascension process:
People are waiting to board the space-ships, to enter the inner-earth...
But not until the 'end of evil America and the evil Bush' illuminati...

Sheldan Nidle Interviewed by Mike Quinsey BBS Radio 1
Theory: Earth is shifting from: "Reality of survival & destruction." Much of this theory eclipses "itty-bitty" pieces of Edgar Cayce, Carl Jung, and others (I won't mention here.)

My opinion: Humanism is flawed; as the flight from the illusion of negative dogma; 'in-of-itself' requires negative labels...
Have a Great day, people...

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