Powerful Radio Pulses Emanate from Galactic Center (Puzzling Scientists)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)
Powerful radio pulses puzzle astronomers #.
Evidently an unexplained and "powerful bursting radio source" towards the Galactic Center; has left Scientists examining to find its source. read. Radio GC Here
Journal reference: (vol 434, p 50)

Credit: N. E. Kassim, D. S. Briggs, T. J. W. Lazio, T. N. LaRosa, J. Imamura (NRL/RSD)

Note: Intuitives say there is a 'blue' ring (tone) around the Milky Way.
As tones, powerful radio pulses; have been heard from its center...
And they are seeing a black spiraling disk?

Could I have found it? (From this old Clip?)
The bad news:
IT'S A BLACK HOLE! ... perhaps source of noise?
Watch its motion on this clip! View its pattern as with Sun...
(And more Scientific info on tone-pulse below)...MUTE

Steve Hawking would know if tone-pulse is associated.(more later)
Journal reference: Nature (vol 434, p 50)
Here we report a transient radio source, GCRT J1745–3009, which was detected during a moderately wide-field monitoring programme of the Galactic Centre region4, 5 at 0.33 GHz. The characteristics of its bursts are unlike those known for any other class of radio transient.

If located in or near the Galactic Centre, its brightness temperature (1016 K) and the implied energy density within GCRT J1745–3009 vastly exceed those observed in most other classes of radio astronomical sources6, and are consistent with coherent emission processes7 that are rarely observed.

We conclude that it represents a hitherto unknown class of transient radio sources, the first of possibly many new classes that may be discovered by emerging wide-field radio telescopes8.

Will update when more is known... You might find something here:

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