Sarkozy Resolves Pirate Crisis

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

UPDATE: French hold six pirates after hostages released!
Luckily, Sarko Resolved this Issue!
Sarko authorized the monitoring of the the yacht's movements with a small Navy warship and reconnaissance aircraft; and sent in an elite intervention group to Djibouti, which borders Somalia...
FOTO: yacht Le Ponant

The International Maritime Bureau says pirates have seized four vessels, including three tankers, in the same area since February... More.

No details of the terms of release. Meanwhile....
NO-GO ZONES CONTINUE TO REMAIN A CONCERN: The IMB calls some parts of the Somali coast "high-risk areas" for attacks and hijackings, and it warns vessels not making scheduled stops in Somalia to keep as far as possible from the coast. Read more
UPDATE- Recent Clip 4/11/08:

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