EU to Aspire Talks with Sea Pirates

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

UPDATE: French hold six pirates after hostages released!
Luckily, Sarko Resolved this Issue!
Sarko authorized the monitoring of the the yacht's movements with a small Navy warship and reconnaissance aircraft; and sent in an elite intervention group to Djibouti, which borders Somalia...

Keeping in mind, the International Maritime Bureau says pirates have seized four vessels, including three tankers, in the same area since February...
The IMB calls some parts of the Somali coast "high-risk areas" for attacks and hijackings, and it warns vessels not making scheduled stops in Somalia to keep as far as possible from the coast. Read more
Earlier: As the pirate dilemma deepens...
EU attempt toward dialogue with pirates might have had its good intentions. But, in fact, really opens up a whole set of new problems... On the one hand you have the possibility of creating a lucrative income for a hijacking group of third rate pirates; who have not yet a known command structure...
"THIS" (not firm reaction) makes world's seas far more dangerous for ALL!

And on the other hand, willingness to reason gives relevance to this lawlessness; forcing those who rely upon holiday tours, out of the business of sailing luxury yachts in the Mediterranean! Seas will become, "Pirate."
Today, an off-the-record diplomat said:
"When something blows up in the world, the Americans get together and ask 'What are we going to do?' " said a British diplomat who has held senior posts in Washington and Brussels. "The Europeans get together and ask 'What are we going to say?' "
That allegation might be less true than it was a decade ago. Read More.
STANDING UP from the very beginning is the correct approach!

I hope the US does not touch this mess... They will be BLAMED for any outcome. America is a little over two hundred years old, trying to prop-up Nations effected by Europe's 1940's policies...From 1500's.

As EU's broader plan of sweeping small break-away Nations under their enlarging format... They've entered a dangerous lapse of time by which these hostage could be offered up to terrorist organizations and ushered to different corners of the region...

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