Fascist Spectacle: Right before our Eyes

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Enlarge MAP
UPDATE: More on this subject... You probably won't find any individual ownership of lands by Palestinians in the map (above)... Yet today's Iranian-backed Armies in Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq... extend to Gaza; now rising disturbances at border to Egypt...
Egypt on alert over Gaza border
"An Egyptian security official said Hamas militants were getting ready to bulldoze the rebuilt border and blow up the main crossing gate with mines."
Today, we witness this (hard to admit) dynamic as it unfolds.
With Stark resymblance of the ambitions which align with history of the Persian conquests of sixth century BC, which brought armies into not only the Median kingdom but also all of Asia Minor and Babylonia (Iraq) and much of the eastern Mediterranean coast...
The conquests also included a campaign against Bactria, part of modern Afghanistan, and an expansion into Egypt…
How warned can one get...

Anytime someone is alive to say these words in Lebanon...
It is time to listen...

Enlarge MAP And View: Here!
And if anyone remembers a time in history when the Tigress flowed backward... They will understand how tricks toward conquests, have now made "terror" the unspeakable elephant in the room...

If anything happens within the internal facets, to disrupt the Egyptian Government (may God protect them) I am going to consider the details in this post, a clear confirmation...

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