A Word about US Spirit & Determination

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

While Candidates of the left, drive home the urgency for their votes...
They do so, by discrediting our technology, and laying doom upon our financial survivorship... Few Media will tell you this (now) but, they have grossly miscalculated the Spirit and determination of America!
Small U.S. firms make big global sales #
In a powerful trend that is reshaping the economic landscape, a rising wave of U.S. small businesses and start-ups are going cross-border and selling hundreds of billions of dollars in goods and services to Asia, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Africa.
Source: Laurel Delaney of
So in the full sense, those who fit the left's "target mold", sit and complain about their bad housing investments ...While the strong Americans are out trying new, working hard, and knocking down some serious money!

Like an onion, it peels away the less static, to uncover itself anew! This IS and always will remain, the true and growing Spirit & Determination of America! Because you can always be better than you think you are, by applying a positive self...
What they don't understand: Incentives for the driving force will create more driving forces! (Or "Visa-Versa")

We have charities, and humanitarian projects, and are one of the largest billion dollar contributors in the neighborhood... The greater encouragement toward moving through these milestones is essential...because... We must.

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