Top Job Hazard (Journalists 90’s Bosnia)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)
In 1990s, the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists, were Algeria, Bosnia, Croatia and Tajikistan… #...
With Over 500 Reporters Killed between: 1986-1997

To Peacekeeper organizations and Docteurs (or Reporters) Without Borders; the crackle of gun-fire in the hills, might at any moment have looked like this video (below) (Loc: Sri Lanka) ...And did.

Uploaded by tamileditors

Huge cirulation of an 'Obama supporting' CBS journalist's You Tube showing Hillary's 'inaccurate' depiction of Bosnia under sniper-fire...

But was the CBS account an accurate depiction of the enormous
Risk placed upon Journalists in Bosnia
through 1997?
(Triple that amount abducted and injured, and missing.)

I always look for a greater meaning...Today's Journalists who 'candy-coat' these missions, cannot be helpful to the families who lost brave loved ones.

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