Bee's Evolution toward Resilience!

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)
We morn for the imbalance of species, yet the rhythm of Nature is so deeply imbedded as 'instinct of a greater plan'... Distribution of the laws of Nature, evolve toward preservation... So, is it really, the end of Bee pollination?
-View Update Below!

Evolution drives instinct by events, unseen by human intellect. Which leads me to believe that every "thing" is "everything all at once" ... Just as what is said to have disappeared, instead, exists in a continual state of "morph to make new."

Take for an example, this scenario : in videos below...
(left) 30 Hornets take-on 30,000 Bees... And win!
(right) Japanese Bees have evolved a strategy... 'Evolution!'

CAPTION: Japanese Honey Bees (not quite as defenseless as their European cousins) have set a trap for the Giant Hornet. Once the Hornet enters the bee hive to mark it for other Hornets, the trap is sprung... The Honey Bees surround the Scout Hornet and raise its temperature which slowly... (Problem solved!)

UPDATE: Here they are!! Giving hornets a 117 degree misery!

While Human Intellect Morns: Instinct of Species, Morph!
"Africanized bees attack in far greater numbers and pursue perceived enemies for greater distances. Once disturbed, colonies may remain agitated for 24 hours, attacking people and animals within a range of a quarter mile from the hive."

Just as it has not been possible for man to secure ‘immune response and instinct' within species of plant and animals he recreates... Nature's species will morph for survival in perfect sync; to prepare for nature's evolution & celestial balance...

PS: They told you: "The World's food supply will be wiped-out."
(But forgot to mention the replacement Bee, & that 'nasty little grudge'!)

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