Cassini Set for 'upper Atmosphere' Titan

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)
As planetary research continues...
Preserved within its upper atmosphere, Titan (largest of Saturn's 48 moons) is a potential 'key-holder' of earth's earliest beginnings...
Ocean 'may exist' beneath Titan's crust: Read Story

-View Video Close-up of Saturn and Titan...
Has Titan a potential for colonization?

Titan Colonization:
Besides the occasional “jello-like” landscape, and liquid methane rains…
It is a tad chilly. And at 300 degrees below Fahrenheit: "Bundle up!"

But Scientists will not have to wait long before another go at Titan...
On March 25, Cassini will employ its Ion and Neutral Mass Spectrometer to examine its upper atmosphere!
Bryan Stiles of California's NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab says:
"We believe that about 62 miles beneath the ice and organic-rich surface is an internal ocean of liquid water mixed with ammonia."

"The combination of an organic-rich environment and liquid water is very appealing to astrobiologists. Further study of Titan's rotation will let us understand the watery interior better, and because the spin of the crust and the winds in the atmosphere are linked, we might see seasonal variation in the spin in the next few years," Lorenz said.
The continuing study of vital functions within our galaxy will help discover electrostatic sources of asteroid energy, to aid wider regions of our little globe... Video below (remedial at first) But stay with it!
Video becomes much more interesting...
Saturn's beautiful & rich energy rings: Here!

*NOTE: We'll add more colonization potentials (Filed under "Space Colony”)

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