Hand-over History (Sri Lanka)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Amidst G. Britain’s history of land-deals & hand backs of the mid 1900's...

The policy that would impact Sri Lanka, 'through the next half century'

Image: Palani Mohan- Slideshow
Note: In Sri Lanka there was no such mass struggle against colonial rule.

Sadly, Sri Lanka, post hand over, became treaties broken, ethnic cleanse, and furthered militarization of minority A.R.(Armed Resistance) in 1983.

The quiet vacuum... 60 years later, & over 70,000 deaths...
View a local's "Tamil narrative" (short Sri Lanka history)

The Tamil's "Gandhi-non-violence" was replaced in 1972; by a 'fully militarized' resistance army in 1983. (Inspired by World's notice of PLO.)
HT: Instapundit- Dennis Prager poses another question.

And this:
The consequence, too great; and history too long, not to set this right.
And for the survival of Minorities: End these destabilizations, now!

(Clip 2 min)

Handing the security back to fragile nations ...
Care be taken, and history demands it; lest resistance groups become a permanent fixture... Hasty hand overs likely to leave nations beyond the ability to hold future security... Awakening please help us all...

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