Taunt or Memory-lapse? (USS Sensitivity)

I haven't reflected on this until now...
Today we are seeing some who play-off the concern of nukes in the hands of terrorists, and make unessary maneuvers during war... Only ignorance of history could produce such a lapse in Memory...
-But hey...Even Iran's (official Site) Doesn't Bother to Keep Archives:
Click-Image: VIDEO
-U.S. Navy Photo-Fred Weiss
Caption: Pascagoula, Miss., Dec 24 2000, two tug boats gently push USS Cole (DDG 67) to Pier 4 of the Ingalls Shipyard in Pascagoula, Miss., on Dec. 24, 2000. The Arleigh Burke-class destroyer was the target of a terrorist attack in Aden, Yemen, on Oct. 12, during a scheduled refueling. The attack killed 17 crew members and injured 39 others.

May we never have to re-live the threat potential of an unexpected encounter. But if we would have had these capabilities (below) on Oct. 31, 2000; I can tell you that 17 deaths and 39 injuries would not have occurred...
View: USS Cole (DDG-67) Crew Served Weapons Shoot

Please note: This is now "standard equipment."
(With eye-lash accuracy... I might add)
So, write it down...

If you've missed it (above) View Flash Tribute

UPDATE: And this, for some who have forgotten...
HT: Instapundit
Ron Paul says, a Navy destroyer shouldn't worry about a speedboat
And this...

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