Media Won't Elect Thompson (The People Will)

UPDATE! This from: Instapundit
JOHN PODHORETZ: "Fred Thompson is not only winning this debate, he is giving the most commanding debate performance we’ve seen from any candidate in either party since the beginning of this endless primary process!"
Video Coming soon...
Earlier: Various Media refuse to include his positions; and printed a withdrawal# of his campaign... Could be MSM is confused while covering other regions of the world... In America it's the people who will decide...
View 1st Video (L- T) Jeri's Awesome Interview!

T- left: LATEST: Jeri Thompson- S. Carolina stand Link
T- right: The Thompsons/Brody Interview Link
B- left: Fred Thompson Issues Link
B- right: Fred Thompson Positions Link

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Commander in Chief
"This is not a contest of popularity, if it were, we wouldn’t need primaries, or caucuses, or conventions, or even an election, we’d need nothing more than a pollster. And a collection of promises to guarantee that someone would win the popularity contest." Read more.

UPDATE: HT: Instapundit
"Other Republicans are Running Against Each Other, but...
Fred Thompson is running against the press."
If they don't want you to win an election; they deselect you!
(Which is exactly what they've tried to do to candidate Fred Thompson!)
-Watch VIDEO as Fred sets them straight: View Here

NOTE: I don't speak for the campaign, but...
Perhaps the Media's persistence in 'false reporting' to control a ballot; is further proof that U.S. reforms might have to start with Media Standards.

Don't let the Press control the Candidates or the elections!
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Join the Blogburst! Rick Moran says:
"Man the oars and start pulling for Fred. The hour is late and the need is great. Time to pony up if we want to see a true conservative in the White House next November."

NOTE: They say he has either lost, too lazy, or too late... But none can deny that Thompson's corrective Policies are designed to return this Nation back to the day when America honored its cherished principals... Raising Media Standards, might be first in line... :D

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