General: Anbar Ready for Handover

Wonderful News 1/10/08...
May God's Mercy continue to protect this New Nation...

"We must Defeat those who do not want our Country to succeed."- Iraqis
"I can say that the Anbar province, which was the hottest area of Iraq, does not now need any U.S. forces because the number of the attacks is now zero for months now." -Iraqi minister (through interpreter.)
Read article by Military writer:#

Successful Anbar Hand-over: Iraqi security forces

Iraqi minister Explains 2008 Plan
-IMPORTANT VIDEO (open new window)

Iraqis Vote first supplemental (70 million) to Sunnis; Anbar Province! :D
"We clearly are hoping that the reconciliation and improvement in the political environment that has taken place at the local and provincial level over the past number of months will now meet further progress coming at the national level," Gates told a Pentagon news conference.

US army and Iraqi tribes, police, and people of Anbar province dance to the tune celebrating total victory over AlQaeda...
Long Live a Peaceful &
Prosperous Iraqi Nation

ANBAR: They've come a long way from the thousands who dodged bullets, to cast their vote; which led to 12 million Iraqis who successfully elected their Democratic Government...

And now, the purge of foreign terrorists and the former central stronghold of the shadowy insurgent group, al- Qaida; places a long waited independence within a much closer reach. Nine of 18 Iraqi provinces have reverted to Iraqi control, and the process is expected to continue...

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