NASA Message that Missed the UN IPCC

"We today confirm the recent announcement by NASA that there are historic and important changes taking place on the sun's surface. This will have only one outcome - a new climate change is coming that will bring an extended period of deep cold to the planet." [NASA Press Release]
-John Casey Director of Space and Science Research Center SSRC

One should not be led to believe that this (ICE-AGE) is stoppable...
Instead, prepare for the inevitable... Man's success toward making peace, has greater impact upon adressing 'threat of social economic disruption.'
More from the NASA Press Release:
“The last time this particular cycle regenerated was over 200 years ago. I call it the “Bi-Centennial Cycle” solar cycle. It took place between 1793 and 1830, the so-called Dalton Minimum, a period of extreme cold that resulted in what historian John D. Post called the ‘last great subsistence crisis.’ More.
"Unfortunately, because of the intensity of coverage of the UN IPCC and man made global warming during 2007, the full story about climate change is very slow in getting told. These changes in the sun have begun. They are unstoppable. With the word finally starting to get out about the next climate change, hopefully we will have time to prepare."
At on-set of Solar Minimum: we would do well to prepare around the natural cycles of climate change by cleaning up the environment; and move away from fossil fuel usage toward cheaper, cleaner and more energy efficient energy alternatives.
Right now, the newly organized SSRC is the leading independent research center in the west US and possibly worldwide, that is focused on the next climate change. Some of the world's brightest scientists, also experts in solar physics and the next climate change have joined with me. In the meantime we will do our best to spread the word along with NASA and others who can see what is about to take place for the Earth's climate. More.
"Soon, I believe this will be recognized as the most important climate story of this century." More explanation: Long Range Solar Forecast

Former climate and chemical-transport models:
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory.

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