Sun is Setting on Faux Climate Theory

Boreholes on the Moon could solve climate puzzle
Sunday, 05 January, 2008
Bob Cahalan at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, and colleagues calculated that boreholes on the moon just 10 metres deep would provide a temperature record stretching back to the 1600s, and so help researchers gauge solar energy in the past more accurately. read more -Geophysical Research

New Scientist: Moon might be best place to study Earth's climate
CLICK-Image Lovely Visual!
NASA- Kelmer: Sunset at the North Pole

Today, Renigade Climate Scientists come forward, as emerging discoveries have substantiated even their earliest of "Cautious" articles...
Important read: This was 1999!
Global warming - is the Sun to blame?
Thursday, June 3, 1999 Published at 09:43 GMT 10:43 UK
60 Sec. Video: Sun is setting on Faux-Climate

Today many who view nature have become compelled to morn the beauty and changes within it... They've become the product of nearly a decade of guiltful Ideology which took exception to Evolution of Scientific inquiry.

Some of their stories... (Sadly, too many to list)
North Pole ice 'turns to water'
Sunday, 20 August, 2000, 02:16 GMT 03:16 UK

Global warming could starve polar bears
Monday, November 15, 1999 Published at 17:09 GMT

Humanity blamed for ice loss
Monday, 6 December, 1999, 08:18 GMT

Sun 'minor player' in climate change
Wednesday, 3 May, 2000, 17:54 GMT 18:54 UK
Climate myths: Global warming is down to the Sun, not humans:
Correlation between natural "forcings" – solar fluctuations
Sun fuels debate on climate change
More to come, as hundreds of thousands of Scientists uncover and validate solutions and (non-political) discovery for man-kind...

North Pole in the News:
Meteors' mysterious origin traced to 1490 event
Yesterday, on a flight from California to the North Pole... A group of 14 astronomers tracked Quadrantid meteor shower debris from a deep-space explosion in the late 15th Century. The 1490 event left behind at least one larger remnant, a near-Earth asteroid called 2003 EH1.
Traces of History, right before their eyes... Read more
How to Shower at the North Pole: Russian-Style (Haha)

The Self-Sustaining Dynamo in the Earth's Core:
Origin of The Earth's Magnetism

Nuclear Georeactor Generation:
Earth's Geomagnetic Field - PDF

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