NASA- Earth on Verge of Wealth of Discoveries

"If there's one theme that has played itself out over and over in astronomy, it's the fact that whenever scientists open a new window on our Universe, or bring about major upgrade in instrumentation; a period of remarkable discoveries are bound to follow...
We can expect the same for GLAST." Robert Naeye
Explore Videos: GLAST Satellite Unwrapped for the Holidays
World Cooperative Innovations: Will be found here!
Click-View- in action- NASA animation
ABOUT: "NASA’s GLAST mission is an astrophysics and particle physics partnership, developed in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy, along with important contributions from academic institutions and partners in France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Sweden, and the U.S."

Article excerpt: #
"Various orbiting and ground-based observatories have opened up almost the entire electromagnetic spectrum, with unexpected discoveries coming with almost every step. But the gamma-ray spectrum from 10 to 100 gigaelectronvolts (GeV) is virtually unexplored. GLAST's primary science instrument, the Large Area Telescope (LAT), will fill in that gap." #
The EGRET instrument on NASA’s Compton Gamma-ray Observatory saw hints of interesting and unexpected phenomena in that high-energy range, but GLAST will provide our first detailed look at that window. Expect a wealth of discoveries, and some big surprises, from GLAST!" Opening New Windows!
And as was mentioned here: 2007 was a 'Out of this World' Year!
NASA continues to exceeded their goals on a quest toward improving quality of life... On Earth, etc! :D
This Great NASA Video (from the past) shares their enthusiasm and International Cooperation!

Meanwhile...Shuttle Team to Modify Fuel Sensors; so, postponement of early Jan. launch/ shipment of the UK -LAB)... And, as to be expected, success of the Mission out-weighs the Calendar... More about the EuTEF platform (lab) European Space Agency's (ESA) Columbus laboratory

NOTE: DO NOT vote for Leaders that represent groups who are intimidated by the crucial discoveries that will be made as a result of these Missions! They need your money to pay 'unrelated' salaries! But the World needs the facts, in order to accurately address climate!
-And why was a ‘victim displacement tax’- paid directly to the poor (nation) rejected?

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