Kenya's 'Rise-up' of a Greater Menace

The real concern here is the increased opening for the rise of Guerilla-Militant opportunists... Terror thrives in disorganization; and Nations in chaos, quickly loose this vantage-point... A repeat theme of which, those who strive against political and social injustice... are curiously excluded.

Gangs of Nairobi's slums turn political dispute ethnic;
concerns politicians can't bring calm

Click-View- VIDEO; British teacher | Image: Maracka- (reut)
VIDEO: Brit teacher flees opposition stronghold in Kenya. (70,000 others took to trail.)
This was Kenya's pre-election question:
"Is Kenya going to see the re-emergence of violence and private militia during the 2007 General Elections? The Chinkororo of Nyachae might spark other communities to re-arm themselves and the Kenya people will be the losers."
Should armed Extremist Militia Rise in all areas of the globe...
The losers will be the generations of our World, left to fight them...

VIEW VIDEO BELOW- (The less known POLITICAL dynamic)
Kenya'private militias: Chinkororo, Mungiki sect, Bagdad Boys,
Jeshi la Mzee etc... All work to over-take control.

A repeat theme in nearly every continent of the world!
Amongst the backdrop of rock wielding protests is the underlying focus of groups detached from both the Regime and the efforts of rioters....

These Militants band together to hijack existing stability, and assassinate both Government and opposition leaders. Embroiled populations are their ticket to a broader base...

Obama tapes message to Kenyans:
"The way forward is not through violence."

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