2008: The Unfinished Art of Peace

May this New Year allow us even a 'small opening' to the canvas of Peace.
And as violence can lead to more violence...
May missiles turn to fire-works, to display recognition of one-another...
(see update below!)

There is a distinct line-drawn by which the power of Creativity will significantly challenge (and dominate) the Power of destruction...

Bottom-line: We need to bring back the Great Art and Science Centers, in an age where 'great minds' (old & new) gathered in focus of Artistic Unity...
As Scientists, Inventors, and Artists represent a medium by which no cultural-lines are drawn; No man will be judged by his past; or politics of his future... It may be the only way to bring all together for lasting Peace.

Art will survive and transcend all difficulty...And if you think I am mistaken... Tell me why a majority of the surviving archives of history, are Artistic renderings...
Haha... Only Creativity matters... (More to add, next year... :#)

A special thank you to our Men and Women who, together with the Iraqi troops (of rockets-red-glare) CREATED a small opening for the
Iraqis' future.

In Karrada, the downtown Baghdad shopping neighborhood, young people came out with fireworks to celebrate the New Year! :D

Happy 2008, from Times Square! -VIDEO- (Ball)

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