Faith, Prayer, and a Marine's 'Operation Amina'

Another great story... And one involving the generosity of a Marine, a new Nation of Iraq, and new hope for a small child...
As they help to give Iraq a new future.
The Iraqi government backed the Marines effort with their unconditional support... "We couldn't have done this without the full support of the Iraqi government from the local to the national level," said Jarrard.

Heart to heart for Iraqi girl - Post Media Reply
Jan. 28: A little girl from Iraq is in Nashville tonight with a gift that is truly from the heart. NBC's Martin Savidge has a different kind of success story.

HT: e4bannanThe future for the Haditha City Hospital looks promising. Soon a year-long 7.5 million dollar upgrade to an Iraqi hospital (starting in March) will provide Iraq’s exceptional doctors with the facilities and equipment."
-Marine Corps News | LCpl. Shawn Coolman

I found Major Kevin Jarrard's website! And: Operation Amina
It says that this was an independent and personal project by the Soldiers...(not U. S. M. C.)

-Posted by D. Worth, for m. barbay... Who says:
"Wishing all a wonderful day. (Still away) Visiting friends (r. bank) today...
Good thoughts and prayers." -M.B.
Fontaine de Stravinski Paris, Fr.

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