Branson Unveils Future Sub-orbital Flights

"This could rival the scale of investment in the mobile phone and internet technologies after they were unlocked from their military origins and thrown open to the private sector." - Sir Richard Branson

Virgin SpaceShipTwo (inspired) is about 60% complete...
More at:
Read Rob Coppinger's: Touching the void

If you want to book a seats that will be $200,000 please...
Virgin Galactic says more than 200 individuals have booked, and another 85,000 have registered an interest to fly. Tens of millions of dollars in deposits have already been taken. (of course, who could resist this flight!)

View unveiling, and Branson's Comments: VIDEO
Not sure how I missed this great animation (below)

ps: I will try to publish from France (if possible) Leaving at 6:AM flight
(from California)... And returning on Thurs. the 31st...
I'll bet this flight would ruin you for regular International flights... Haha

"Scarce­ly a day goes by when someone doesn’t ask me, jovially, when the Lunar Hilton is going to be opened. They’re joking, of course. But I don’t see it as a joke at all."
-William Barron Hilton (speaking of his company’s plans) Story

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