NASA 50th...Dawn of New Insights (Dr. H)

As we reach NASA's 50th Anniversary of Explorer 1...
We've come a long way since its launch ( 1. 31. 1958)
-View Explorer 1 Video stream:
-View Video: NASA's Earth Science Program: 21 Missions Worth
-NASA: Press Inquiry

Today, NASA continues to represent the largest UNITY cooperative in the World of Science exploration... The importance of the last 50 years can be judged by the recent (Sep 27, 2007) explorer launch of what will prove to be the most significant Int'l Cooperative Mission; in Space-Exploration History:
-NASA's Int'l DAWN Mission: RE-CAP
dawn-launch.pdf | | More Dawn

View 07 Video -PRE-DAWN LAUNCH (Mission now in its 4th month!)
The video (again) details the Mission's objectives; and exploration of Vesta Asteroid's (Iron-core similarities & properties to Earth.)

My meeting with Dr. H (here in Paris) yesterday, produced unbelievable astounding new insights...He explains, "Brought-on as a result of earth's attempt to balance its crustal mass, we have reached an irreversible 'earth-shift' (balancing) of essential oil/gas reserves." As effect land-mass to water-tables.

Dr. "H" (Alexandria) believes a 2009 ' DAWN Mission' will provide the needed scientific clarity... Simply put: "as quickly as new gas & oil discoveries emerge... Quickly the old will cease to produce... (We will gain equal clarity re: earth water-tables)

-He explains, "The evolution of fuel alternatives will be rapid one."
NASA's Int'l Scientists are nearing several (alt. energy) break-throughs!
CAPTION: NASA contractors Alliant Techsystems and XCOR Aerospace are well on their way to developing a rocket engine powered by liquid methane. (as 1-year ago)

Up until today, we have understood that
It is the mass of the Earth in the proportions given by nature in relation to all the solar system’s gravitational fields, which determine the balance and stability of the axis tilt and the North-South Pole alignment…

And as the surface mass of the Earth is ‘rapidly decreasing’; we are seeing Earth’s attempt to balance, as it creates a totally different land mass-to-water relationship… Not to our un-doing.
-More later (Filed under New Technologies)
Leaving from France on Friday or Saturday A.M... Back to USA!
Note: Published for Barbay (by D. Worth)

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