Seventy Thousand Sunnis Join Iraqi army

Posted 11/30/07...
America continues effort to quell violence --to withdraw forces...

Sunnis from the Awakening council -will- quell the violence for Iraq's survival.
The Sunni Awakening council of more than 70,000 armed men who fought against Al Qaida; have now joined the Iraqi Army...
Iraq has deep ties and Loyalty as an Independent Nation...
In a Gulf News article by Correspondent Basil Adas:
70,000 Sunnis join Iraqi army
He explains the main reason behind delaying the Iraqi forces armament. "The US fear military equipment may be handed over to Shiite militia loyal to Iran," says Adil Al Zubaidi; strategic analyst and researcher.
"I think losing over 190,000 weapons from the Iraqi Interior Ministry's stores is solid evidence of Iran's loyal militias' influence in the Iraqi armed forces," Monthir Al Alousi, a senior officer in the former Iraqi army told Gulf News. Story
This clip is a small glimpse of the tremendous struggle at which I hope the Awakening Army's participation will prevent! Sunnis strive for Peace...
Same unacceptable "Death to" chant-- Same Shiite's method
(Used in the onset of Iran/Iraq war.) ETC!
Regularly five or six groups of Shia gather now in different parts of Amiriyah district to taunt the Sunnis with their impending extermination by the Badr Brigade, Mahdi Army, or Police. Sometimes 50 to 1!
Aziz Al Rawi, an activist in the Sunni Al Ameria neighbourhood awakening force, told Gulf News:
"We will join the Iraqi Army so it remains loyal to Iraq and we will not allow elements loyal to Iran to stay in the army. I call this conflict an Iranian-Arabic conflict not Iranian-American." More
Concerned Local Citizen Groups Aid Progress in Iraq
Today, Democrat Congress might serve (instead) to financially cripple Pentagon defenses of Americal; because we will protect our Men and Women in Iraq who strive for Iraq's safety, security, and hope of Peace... And not leave them in the middle of the stream. The Awakening's timing is not a moment too soon...
May God protect.

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