Blog on Hold.. (Post Renews Daily)

This blog will be on hold for the foreseeable future...

International travel, must prep for new film... (Finally!)
xoxoxo M.B... I can be reached by email. Bye for now. :)

A more light-hearted World awaits us...
Although it appears that dissension and disputation rules our little World; it would help to defuse crisis and promote forgiveness if we could find a little laughter in our own actions; rather than 'fault' in one another...
The world is but a canvas to the imagination. -Henry David Thoreau
See Beauty, and it is...

Talk to you soon... Keep a light and charitable heart. :)
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Dr. "H" says:
"Consciousness (prayer) holds Holograms (Earthlings) into the grids.
Without United Consciousness - we will continue to separate from Grids!

For Those "pulled-up" by the Cosmos...
(Clips Will Update)

A few quick answers to today's (not so quick) troubles. (smile) :)
1. Trade ALL weapons in Israel and Palestine for musical instruments.
2. Give all environmental program 'funds & control' to the Buddhists.
3. Switch populations in troubled areas (Darfur in Sudan, Chad, & Somali)
4. World Nuclear Disarmament Day (each week!)

xoxoxo M.B... I can be reached by email. Bye for now. :)

View this video often; and please keep good thoughts...
Where trouble melts like lemon-drops. :)

From FlowerSource1:

Keep the Vision Alive! Somewhere over the Rainbow

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