US: Leader in Marine Conservation Efforts

Yes, we have been reluctant to sign environmental “Social Programs” which impact the groups to impact the groups; while suspending Science within their scope. But many do not know that the United States (at its own expense) has already created EARTH'S LARGEST EFFORT to protect the ocean reef and coast-lines! Trillions $ since 1972 (& growing!)
"We are advanced over Countries who failed to add 'global warming' funds to the KOYTO and impact their own Ocean conservation efforts; while citing anger over US failure to add trillions!"
UN says: "Ocean reefs in danger; failure to act is criminal!"
You’all Missed the Boat! View this organization: More must be done elsewhere, but this is a work in progress, & one of the most sophisticated efforts in the World!
US World Leader in Marine Conservation!

One of the New great wonders of the world, is a US National Monument:
US Coast Conservation!
US Maritime Heritage Uses Cutting edge technology to share the secret of the Past… And improve Quality around the World… So you didn't miss the boat. ;) You've just been listening to the Democrats who already knew this... haha.

Please Join us!
Volunteer or search career listings, now!

What is US wam-v™?
Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel- is a new class of watercraft!

Peer to Peer New US -Sea Tech innovations!
Efficent, ecological alterantives for Ocean Travel!

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