Einstein Theories: Life or Death Equation

View Spielberg's Einstein Collection (Museum Archives) Here

Electrodynamics of Moving bodies...
One of the earliest pieces quoted no references and read like a stream of consciousness. It was the start of his Special theory of relativity; and it would overturn nothing less than everyone’s understanding of time… #.

Video (below) Formula & obstacles: Nuclear energy/weaponry aspect.

Was Einstein right?
Scientists provide 1st public peek at Gravity Probe B results

Einstein was right, probe shows BBC - April 16, 2007
One of the effects is called the geodetic effect, the other is called frame dragging. A common analogy is that of placing a heavy bowling ball on to a rubber sheet... Read more

Part One can be seen Here...

Although Einstein’s theories have been scrutinized, and proved…
Einstein proved right on gravity

An interesting Part One narrative gives a sense of his life from the records he left behind… But I feel that Einstein's quotes reflected his care for the greater depth of the Universe; and (seemingly) 'Buddhist-inspired' philosophy, enabled him to find Peace…
And perhaps that which finally laid his busy mind to rest…

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