Reagan – Excerpt: A Time for Choosing

Life and Peace requires the strength and breath of confrontation…
It has long been the reverse of this logic which has necessitated the reach for escalatory interventions... Paper wars have served to push conflicts further away from the present, while maximizing conflicts... But every Nation who lives each day FREE, can watch soldiers protecting Universal rights; on the "front-line" internet!
Revisiting the words of Ronald Reagan:
"You and I must say to our enemies: There is a price we will not pay,
There is a point beyond which they must not advance.”

Suicide attacks are a world-wide problem, having reached a “PEAK” in the last decade; yet coalition troops who protect Nations (in path of this enemy) continue to represent a small amount of countries who dare fight against them!

There will always be new confrontations, trials, and tribulations throughout man's existence... But consistent in the loop of the struggles of the Peace of Humanity; are those who stood up to the threat , rather than those who chose to suppress it... Once again, this is a "Time for Choosing."

Today's Canadian Heroes (along with many of the Coalition) gave Hope for these people tomorrow... By giving their "Today."

This Thanksgiving Weekend... We thank ALL the troops for their self-less gift of Hope and stability, to strengthen the future of this Neglected Region.

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