It's Just a Sovereignty Pool

Enlargement is "our most powerful tool"... D. Milband (Foreign Sec.)

I've family in former Great Britain (and here in the States) and have noticed the increased distance in Britain’s Leadership... And amidst the multitude of "US faults"... For those hundred years, our families enjoy a close admiration and alliance, like no other...

The following clip might explain a little more about their (recently) finalized Charter... And a worry that family has slipped far away from the shores of the Atlantic... Music is a little tense in clip :| But, an eye-opener!

Brown signs EU Treaty as experts warn:
UK will surrender control of immigration

Brown fails to sign: Reform Treaty -'Defunct' EU constitution
David Miliband Signs EU treaty: On behalf of Britain

Sail Away, sail away, sail away: Last Remains of British Empire
Note: Dr. "H" reflected upon today's shifting psyche of planet; and also explained a little of the grid-spike and effects on the World today... And although we can expect evolving earth changes he anticipates the resurrection and return to a Monarchy/ Parliamentary -Rule by Kingdoms of the West... (More later)

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