Election 2008- Notes at Debate

Still away, but just weighing-in on a couple of items at a 12/12 debate...

Not my choice of President... But this man could take civil rights, to a whole new level! The millions of today's Black Americans donot lack the drive for a better life; and this man offers strength of principal, absent the civil right's (left) 'renforcment of plight'...
Empowerment is the ONLY route for equality in any cause...
He's not afraid to be wrong, and this is a strength in one's characture.

Asked about the biggest obstacle to improving education in America, Thompson says,
"The National Education Association. The NEA."
View Thompson's answer:
HT: National Review

PS: Strength in Civil Rights could help the Iraqi Sunnis...IMMEDIATELY.
And beyond the Awakening, it would help to strengthen equality and rights within the Government... I sincerely think of them often.

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