Another Fake News Story (Media/Iraq)

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit has details on not only the one (below) but 5 more "FAKE NEWS REPORTS" in six weeks! Helpful to view which ones you might have been fed by MSM... Read more

More "False" Iraqi casualties by CNN
The False Report:
Troops discover mass grave in Iraq
BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Iraqi soldiers have found a mass grave of mutilated bodies in a restive region north of Baghdad, a local security official told CNN Thursday.
..."discovered Wednesday near Muqdadiya in Diyala province north of the capital, the official, from Diyala province, on Thursday."
And they go on to remind you...
"It is not the first mass grave found in and near Baghdad this autumn."

HT: confederate Yankee:
From Task For Iron's PAO via email:
This appears to false reporting. We currently have no information to confirm this. Neither the Brigade on the ground, or out teams that work with the IA or IPs can confirm this.

This is at least the fifth "massacre of civilians story by al Qaeda" attributed to anonymous police, civilian, or military sources by incurious reporters this year.
Of the Many areas of quelled violence, Diyala was once a Frontline Breakthrough:
And has been lately a target by al-Qaeda Although it is true that al-Qaida have been fleeing from al-Anbar province, where they've alienated the Sunni population by their attacks against Sunni leaders and atrocities against the Sunni people. And some of them have also been flowing up into Diyala, as well.

CNN's False "Mass Grave" News story serves to intensity an already difficult conflict...And as al-Qaida attempts to establish new bases... Is the media likely to eye Salahadeen, ahead of al-Qaeda, as another prospect?

How about some "good reports" to discourage al-Qaeda? Or make sure of the accuracy when reporting in areas of sensitive security! Or is that just too unthinkable for CNN to consider?

Frederick Kagan, a military historian, former West Point professor says:
"The choice of Diyala, is because it offers a prospect for them, because it is a mixed area, and al-Qaida's methodology in Diyala has been to attack the Shia, drive them away, and then attack the Sunni to terrorize them. That's been sort of their trademark out there, and they've been hoping that that would work for them. Diyala is a province that offers that prospect...
And the troops are there to make sure it WON'T!
Diyala Province Governor Ra'ad Rashid Mulla Juwad Al-Timimi speaks to the gathered Soldiers and crowd during an Iraqis in the Lead ceremony that saw the 3rd Brigade, 5th Iraqi Army Division take control over the northern portion of Diyala Province. The governor spoke about the important job these Soldiers continue to do and the role it plays in a secure future for this country.

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