Chad: Staying to 'Peacefully' Protect

Clashes in West Darfur...
Friend of family is still in region; and will stay throughout the remainder Holiday. If you enjoy the music (in clip) Please Visit Shop.#

Courageous and protective of these populations; volunteers know that if they leave, refugees are likely to be swept away in the violence. read.

View remarkable and touching clip...

Today, tens of thousands of Volunteers, such as UK Cord (above) and the US Led Africom (our largest on-going non-militarized humanitarian effort) are making a huge difference in education (and hope) in African missions... (In-between Militant clashes!)

And sadly, Peacekeepers are just as 'at jeopardy' to loss of life, as are the civilians. Volunteers work to deliver aid & medical assistance, as Rebels and Governmental Armies engage in gunfire...

I must be missing something here, but these Militants sure haven't the slightest 'multi-cultural skills'... France, China, or the EU had better send in some of those thousands of 'Peace-troops' to protect the Refugees... Soon! Nobody wants to take their territory... (They've been visiting too many Democrat sites! Haha)
Image: Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah- Standing Guard in Sudan

View AFRICOM missions: VIDEO: Perilous Passage

As Darfur rebels attack Sudan army; the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) led by Khalil Ibrahim; had also simultaneously attacked for a second time Sudan's Defra oil field, shutting down its pumping station...
This is actually a Chinese-run oil field!
Ibrahim told Reuters the attack on Defra:
"Is the second on the Chinese-run oil field in two months, was the latest in a spate of planned attacks which would continue until the Chinese left Sudan's oil industry."
Looks to me like the JEM have planned to attack before the European Union peacekeeping force finally arrives in eastern Chad.
France is providing around half of the up to 3,700 EU peacekeepers who are due to start arriving early next year in eastern Chad on a U.N. mission to protect camps housing more than 400,000 Chadian and Sudanese refugees...
Next year?! Hard to say what China will do...

The fields are operated by the Chinese-led consortium Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company (GNPOC), which involves India's ONGC, China's CNPC, Malaysia's Petronas and Sudanese state-owned Sudapet in Sudan's Blocks 1, 2 and 4 producing the light Nile Blend crude." Read more

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