Brits Implement Last of Basra Withdrawal

Security Control of So. Iraq Now Belong to Native Forces
And it is likely that the success of the stability of this region could mean a much more rapid withdraw plan by US forces: but only as would be safe for this country...

The U.S.-led coalition has been gradually transferring control of security to the Iraqi government and Britain's handover of southern Basra was the latest in a series that began in July 2006. The Iraqi forces now control over half of 18 provinces, including Anbar and central areas where violence has flagged but not yet stopped...

A view of a Basra after Brit's Departure:

And as al-Qaeda pushes to gain control of several villages around Khalis, 50 miles north of Baghdad, they are being "pushed back" by Iraqi forces...
Iraqi and Coalition Forces flush al-Qaeda
from Euphrates hideouts (Iskandariyah)
As soon as the target area is secured, U.S. troops will begin construction of a new security outpost, Patrol Base Khidr. From there, Concerned Local Citizen programs will be developed in the area and together with Iraqi Police, the CLCs will secure major roads leading to and from Iskandariyah.

This was a former US Troop hand-over to Iraqi Forces:
Diyala, N. East of Baghdad.
As Iraqi forces fight with all their power, to remove Al-Qaeda militants who launched an attack against the Nai and Safit villages...

Abdul Karim al-Rubaie of the provincial command center:
"It is a battle of life and death, it is a continuous fight until we cleanse all the villages on the outskirts of Khalis," said Sheik Zuhair al-Obeidi, who was involved in Sunday's fighting." read more

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