Anti-Qaeda Protect Annaih & Sfayed Villages

Sunni Arab villagers fight for Diyala, north-east of Baghdad
Baquba police Colonel Khairallah Ibrahim speaks of the two villages which were attacked; resulting in fierce fighting... Read more. Ibrahim said that three Sunni women were among those villagers killed...
But there are 22 al-Qaeda who won't be terrorizing these families again...

As Iraqis continue to protect their government...
They will continue to rise above those who do not want them to succeed.
Wonderful Little Film-Clip...

2008: Year of achievements – press
Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, Abdul Aziz al-Hakeem attributed the drop in violence levels to the new policy adopted by the Iraqi government:
"We cannot celebrate triumph unless many achievements are made. Despite the remarkable decline in violence levels, we have a duty to further lower it and maintain the new level of stability, which is needed to encourage Iraqi and foreign investors to embark on their projects"...Read more

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