Clash |Religious Rule over Democratic Law

America's 231 year old Nation is represented in a Constitution formed in rich Christian culture and heritage! Our Christian Forefathers chose Democracy to help assimilate the many immigrants, by a First and foremost OATH TO OUR NATION! Democracy thus provided freedom of political choice - irrespective of its Freedoms of worship...

View this small clip of an American who freely denounces the struggles of US history; while comparing our Nation with a 1500 yr old Religious vote.

I Hope she's NOT insinuating that U.S. males are fascist Pigs! They are some of the World's finest Gentlemen, who really know how to treat a lady... #1: US, Canada, and France (tie) #2: Great Britain and Germany, #3: Asian, Italian, and all other wonderful gentlemen...

Here's the clash...
Lately we are seeing the challenge of immigrants or Americans who take an oath to "Religious Rule" over Democratic Law; and have sought to use our Government's Freedom Laws to dismantle our Forefather's culture, and heritage...
I believe that:
America's Forefathers held proud amidst their struggles and ability to over-come obstacles... And sought to retain their heritage, while uniting us all... Today, it is only in honoring our simularities, that we grow in Spiritual Strength.

I like to think that Buddhists, Catholics, Muslims, and the many Religions living under Democratic Rule (throughout the World) might focus on similarities. After all, "the glass is half full." :)
The Movie Amazing Grace (below) is an uplifting story of America's earliest beginnings which resisted the adoption of Theocratic Rule; as they implemented the abolishment of Slavery, & religious intolerance!

God Bless America...
You can order the DVD at: amazinggracemoviedvd

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