Once Great Lions | Now Face Exploitation

The video (below) shows the reaction of a group; as a lion was brought to their gathering... At first I laughed at their reactions but sadly, upon closer examination... I could see that this lion looked drugged and starved!
Ooops! Sorry, just Noticed Poor Video Quality
Trust me, it is horrible for this Poor Lion!
This lion appears to move in a confused stagger; as he simply tries to follow sound. You also can't help but notice the lion's excessively lean face & back. Sadly, at the end of the clip; the Lion appears less able to do more than follow the light of the camera... I hope he gets rescued...

More than 10,000 years ago, these cats reigned as superbly designed predators... But now many are captured, beat-down, and abused...
In the North American Pleistocene, The South Arabian Leopard is the focus of a conservation program organized by officials and conservationists from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman and the United Arab Emirates. Only 100 to 200 of these cats survive, and they continue to be persecuted by livestock owners and hunters...
If the country origin of this tape is Saudi Arabia; visitors please search to find the origin of this tape. And bring this to the attention of King Abdullah. I am positive that he would want to protect animals such as these...And perhaps take him to the Kalahari National Park game reserve, in Botswana or the Gemsbok National Park in South Africa.

Kalahari Transfrontier Lions"Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, southern Africa: Few people realize that the Kalahari sands represent the largest uninterrupted expanse of sand anywhere on Earth, stretching from the Congo north of the equator to south of the Gariep River in South Africa."

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