USD Rise/Euro: $4,000 T-shirt: Now 3999

UPDATE: Spring/Summer-08- will be resolved...(Story below)
Enjoy Fall Anyway, U.S. Ladies... And happy retirement Valentio-ooo
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Leave it to some of the smallest things in the World, to shed light on a Huge reality...
Paris fashionistas fret over strong euro
Tiny rise in the dollar against the Euro, today, amidst a fashion industry, concerned with the HUGE divide in currency. Many question how an on-going divide might continue to engage enthusiasm of Top U.S. couture customers.
"Some things just don't make sense", says a top American buyer in Paris. #

"A higher euro makes goods from the euro zone more expensive for customers elsewhere, and cuts into manufacturers' profits if they try to keep the U.S. dollar price of products constant. While it makes U.S. exports cheaper, it cuts the spending power of Americans visiting or working in Europe." #
"French President Nicolas Sarkozy has called for
the ECB to do more to dampen the euro's rise.

Euro on brink of dollar parity
"Economists agree that the reason for the fall is that economic growth in mainland Europe appears to be less strong than in the United States." #

Click-Image (below) I suppose there's always Perfume...haha
Dutch designers Viktor & Rolf -Spring/Summer- 08; Benoit Tessier
-Report from Frankfurt, Germany:
Slight downturn came after the ECB, meeting (Vienna)
"The dollar edged up against the euro Thursday after the European Central Bank and Bank of England each held the line on key interest rates.
The 13-nation euro fell to $1.4107 in midafternoon European trading, down from the $1.4108 it bought late Wednesday in New York—and more than 1 U.S. cent off its all-time high of $1.4284 set Monday.

The slight downturn came after the ECB, meeting in Vienna, Austria, left its benchmark rate unchanged at 4 percent despite calls by some European political and business leaders for a rate cut to stem the euro's recent gains."

In Berlin, Ludwig Georg Braun, president of the German Chambers of Commerce, said that growth in Europe's biggest economy in 2008 would be just more than 2 percent, down from 2.5 percent, a dip he blamed on the strong euro.
Will Sarkozy help dampen euro's rise, encouraging Billion $ spenders in America? Will we pay less for our T-shirts? :D Ensemble tout Devient Possible... Merci!
-Will return Monday: Sparkle on and off catwalk

PS: Gentlemen, this is for you... (Mature) Catwalk- France- 07…
And this…hahaha! (Mature) Different face of the catwalk…

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