UK weak on Terrorism - Says Saudi King

In the States we've not heard much from King Abdullah. So, it was good to find this Video... Evidently, he spoke with BBC's John Simpson about the fight against terrorism by the UK and Saudi Arabia...And gave a chilling assessment of the length of time he felt that would see the fight against al-Qaeda...
Don't suppose he'll be wanting to come to see Bush.

King Abdullah was speaking in a BBC interview (ahead of a state visit to the UK) as the first by a Saudi monarch in 20 years... He told the interviewer that the fight against terrorism needed much more effort by countries such as Britain; and that al-Qaeda continued to be a big problem for his country...
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Before I forget... I spoke with Dr. "H" (archeologist/remote-viewer/ Scientist) yesterday, from Alexandria... He connects the most recent Bin Laden tape (calling for unity jihad against foreign presence in Sudan/Darfur) as having been sent by Militant fractions seated within a strain of those Rebels who currently boycott the Peace Conference...

NOTE: From an earlier assessment...Dr. "H" had studied Laden's "signature" only to find that it is no longer on the Earth grid... The mileage of "the Lie" is said to aid in recruitments, and the ability to garner a sense of unity... But, without, it is certain that these small groups would simply be seen as assorted (yet dangerous) thugs...
-True, however, that they have taken on a 'whole new life' of their own.

Actually, while King Abdullah was in the UK...
10 tribal sheiks kidnapped in Baghdad
The 10 were both Sunni and Shiite tribal sheiks...

-Secretary of Defense Robert Gates speaking at the European Conference.

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