Darfur: Rebel's Boycott Halts Resolution

As the boycott against Peaceful Resolution, continues...
Today, neither military intervention nor Peacekeeping has succeeded in ending this 21st century genocide... But I have no doubt that the efforts have minimized it. Despite the Call for attendance by the main rebel groups who have boycott this conference; the World for a Peaceful Darfur is on hold.

This will explain the heart of the conflict...
But contains a HUGE inaccuracy, as this correspondent claims that International interventions have done little to help...(more below)

FACT: The United States is the largest international donor in Sudan, consistently providing 80 percent of all humanitarian assistance-and more than $1 billion since 2005. Additionally, the United States leads in peacekeepers and International aid delivery to Darfur.
Despite the disappointment of Regimes; the US does this the WORLD over.

FACT: USAID provides an integrated program of aid to war-affected communities-assisting displaced people, providing basic services and food, and improving food security through agriculture and economic development.
Source: USAID
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I might add, many troops, civilian Peace keepers, and charity organizations, have given their lives toward a common goal which seeks to protect these people.
In 2005, my former hairdresser (Christian mission) was of those killed.

Total Displaced since 2005: 6,100,000
From Southern Sudan: 4 million
In Darfur: 1.8 million

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