The Death Star- Force of Nature

Out in deepest space lurks a force of almost unimaginable power... Explosions of extraordinary violence are blasting through the Universe every day... View an extraordinary film which highlights a startling discovery, using “E=MC2” to determine how large these explosions could be... and the process of redshift to interpret them...(more here)

And so, the investigation of the source of the burst of Gamma-Rays; and the journey that would one day lead Science back into the cosmic Dark Age… Had begun...Very interesting film:

For years no one could work out what was causing these awesome explosions. Now scientists think they have identified the culprit. It's the most extreme object ever found in the Universe...

They have christened it a 'hypernova!'

And, if you dare, here's part 2 ; which promises to shatter “E=MC2”...

Gamma Ray-burst Gallery
Candidates for a Hypernova

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