Iraqi Security Meets Gruesome Handover

"In Iraq right now, as have been for a while, the greatest two threats are al-Qaeda and the Shia militias that do fight Iran's proxy war."
-Iraq resident: Omar

The Iranian regime's offer to build a large power plant essentially free of charge in an area between the two southern Shiite holy cities of Karbala and Najaf... Why are Iraqis the last to know that the Iranian Government refers to al-maliki and his cabinet as: "The Iraqi Puppet Government."
"Too "YOUNG" to realize that Nothing 'Free' is really Free."

Today: 20 headless corpses found as Iraq province handed over
At least 20 decapited corpses were found and a suicide bomber killed 28 policemen northeast of Baghdad on Monday, as the US military transferred the security control of Karbala to Iraqi forces.
"Allow me to say that we are late, very late, to reconstruct, to rebuild our forces for reasons that I do not want to mention here," said Maliki who is under pressure from Washington to speed up the process." read more
The Iranian Rocket-fire delay in rebuilding Iraqi forces has hampered US plans to withdraw its forces from the country.
"We demand that the military and police leadership make more efforts to reconstruct and rebuild the security forces in order to take over control of the rest of the provinces," Maliki said.
So, it appears that the Young Government of Iraq is supposed to need the Military Security assistance of the Iranian Mullahs... But the truth is:
The Iraqi Government is "not-needed" by the Iranian Regime.

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