N. Korean Crew Overpowers Pirates

A Little Correction:
Looks like it was the red, white, and blue who saved the day…
Video can be seen here:
Update: U.S. Navy Saved -N. Korean Vessel

Not only have conditions in African Countries become more dangerous and often impossible for the delivery of aid... Poorly policed waters of Somalia and Nigeria have led to a 14% increase of piracy this year. Now they've taken to hijack the North Koreans!
Today, N. Koreans over-power 8 gunmen on a return to Mogadishu.
KYOTO: Simulated N. Korean Vessel
North Korea vessel crew overpower pirates, take control
From 'Edward Harrris' Report:
Two dozen crew members of the North Korea-flagged vessel were able to fight off the eight gunmen who had seized the vessel late Monday, and the crew was piloting the ship back to the war-battered city's port in Mogadishu, said Andrew Mwangura, program coordinator of the Seafarers Assistance Program, which independently monitors piracy in the region.

Reported attacks in Somalia rose rapidly to 26, up from eight a year earlier, the London-based International Maritime Bureau said through its piracy reporting center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. And some of those hijackings have turned deadly.

Pirates even targeted vessels on humanitarian missions, such as the MV Rozen which was hijacked in February soon after it had delivered food aid to northeastern Somalia. The ship and its crew were released in April. France has offered naval vessels to escort ships carrying World Food Program food to Mogadishu beginning in November.

The IMB said Southeast Asia's Malacca Strait, one of the world's busiest waterways, has been relatively quiet with 198 attacks on ships reported between January and September, up from 174 in the same period in 2006.

It said 15 vessels were hijacked, 63 crew members kidnapped and three killed.

Oil-rich Nigeria suffered 26 pirate attacks so far this year, up from nine in the same period last year. Read more.

- Better hope they don’t hijack this one!

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