Part 1) Dali: La Révolution Surrealiste

I like to think of Dali as the extreme genius of 'time-removed'... On closer examination of his paintings, they appear to be an eerie premonition of today. And looking more closely; we see a handful of years of tomorrow...

Whether a glimpse of the Middle East, or the melting ice of the Arctic; there exists a unique channel set-forth within his work, which combines premonition with extraordinary Avangardism; almost as if it were today.
Part One: Filed under, "Magical People"

UPDATE: Part 1 dropped off so quickly, I decided to add Part 2! The clip includes the events surrounding, "The Persistence of Memory"...
(Slated to return to Museum of Modern Art: June of 2008)

About: The well-known surrealistic piece introduced the image of the soft melting pocket watch. It epitomises Dalí's theory of "softness" and "hardness", which was central to his thinking at the time...

La persistencia de la memoria (1931)

"Although fundamentally part of Dali's Freudian phase, the imagery predicts his transition to the scientific phase, which occurred after the decisive dropping of the atom bomb in 1945. The imagery can be read as a graphic illustration of Einstein's theory of Relativity, depicting gravity distorting time."
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