Life Imitates Art at the Tate Modern

As Doris Salcedo's 'Shibboleth 2007' exhibit extends along a 167-metre long crack spiraling through the Turbine Hall; it is designed to symbolize racial hatred and division in society. The crack is intended to lend viewers a direct perspective as to how the barriers of Society manifest...

The Subterranean Crack sculpture starts out as a hair-line fracture, Zigzagging through-out the Gallery. As a BBC Correspondent reports, "At the top your Stilettos are at danger, at the bottom, entire toddlers could disappear."
I suppose the most telling fraction of the brilliance of this Subterranean Crack sculpture, is the "life imitating Art" aspect which (somehow) seemed to 'further' this sculpture's experience...


Three visitors purportedly lost their footing, and "slipped into the hole" which forms its centerpiece. Although (luckily) none were injured; a Tate spokeswoman added, "They've no plans to add safety barriers along its edge." Read More.

Brazilian sculptor Salcedo says her work, entitled Shibboleth:
"Symbolizes racial division. The crack represents the gap between white Europeans and the rest of the world's population. According to Salcedo, the fissure is "bottomless... as deep as humanity."
However, it appears to be around three feet at its deepest point...
As tortured souls of South America lift themselves out of a preceived hole:
It may have more to do with: THIS As viewed: HERE.
-Only a Society which holds itself victimless, can heal itself… - M.B.

More on this exhibit: The Unilever Series: Doris Salcedo Shibboleth
"Her work encourages us to confront uncomfortable truths about our history and about ourselves with absolute candidness, and without self-deception."

NOTE: Colombian artist Salcedo said the work - on display to the public until April next year, took her over a year to make, and the past five weeks installing it in the in the Turbine Hall. Tate Modern director Nicholas Serota has said the work is not an optical illusion, but is a sculpture created in a "painstaking, meticulous way."

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