Two Bolivias: Variations on a Theme

The rise of indigenous, and search for political identity is a continuing World-Wide theme in ALL corners of the globe. These divisions are but parallels to the shifting balance of polar-cap regions.
-It's all about Earth-shift...View an incredible finding by Gateway Pundit
Antarctica Ice Cap Growth Reaches Record High Levels -PHOTOS!

Today, continuing political divisions manifest between White Elites & Indigenous Bolivians...
An opening in the shift of Earth, seeks a world-wide rise
Personal Note:
-As I examine today's Tate Sculpture exhibit; I see a continuing reflection of "INNER TURMOIL" which confuses western efforts to balance and resolve a problem, with the responsibility of having created it...
-Also a popularly held theme played out on the world stage...

Bolivian coca farmer and senator, Leonida says, "The business elite hate us. They say we aren't capable of government."
"Bolivia's white elite claim they're tired of propping up the nation's economy." They're demanding political autonomy for their city and say they're ready to fight for it... The wealthy residents of Santa Cruz claim their region generates half of Bolivia's wealth.
They feel under attack by the new government. In a referendum last year, Santa Cruz voted for political autonomy.
Un documentaire de Rodrigo Vazquez; 10-15-07
"Autonomy is very important because it permits you to manage your own resources", explains businessman Ricardo Bilbao. Leader Sergio Anhelo alleges; "People are ready to confront the Bolivian state military", if autonomy isn't granted.
...Evo Morales has threatened to send in the army if national unity is jeopardised. -journeymanpictures

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by Jena Bush: ANA'S STORY-
"What did Jenna and Mia see and do while interning for UNICEF in Latin America and the Caribbean? Flip through their scrapbook and find out!" #

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