The Malibu Hell-Fires Rage on...

Six close friends are directly affected by this raging fire... But luckily all are safe. I had just spoken to a friend in N.Y. (8:30 AM) -EST... And now I read that his house is in direct line of fire! :|

A former neighbor will be coming to stay (here) in an hour; so posting may be limited for the next couple of days... This is heart-breaking as she had just suffered the lost of a family member, recent cancel of a play...and now this. Will post when I can... (below)
The Worst Fires in Malibu History...

Don't usually read the gossip sites...But Found this:
VIDEO: Update Malibu Celebs on Fire Watch

Gone Forever! Malibu's landmark castle , as those in the area say that powerful Santa Ana's have continued to push fires in their disfavor.
-View: Slideshow and Here Pepperdine University: Apparently contained.

Malibu Hills, Puerco Canyon, Monte Nido, and Sweetwater Canyon - Evacuations. Leaving limited Communication (as to be expected) Unable to confirm safety of friends in Topanga Canyon area. Will update (below) when possible...

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