Marine Biodiversity: Keepers of the Reef

A little lively Video on a Sunday (and serious one at the bottom of post)
And a few "Keepers of the Reef" Videos in-between.

Rapidly becoming the hobby of not just the Marine Biologist; are the many around the World who are developing personal salt water and fresh water aquariums containing precious coral and underwater species, found in many regions of the World. (Sizes ranging from 300 gallons to 300 sq feet!)
VIDEO: Lovely Homemade 180 gallon reef (and many more!)
4 maxi jets and 2 eductors for flow, 12 X 39 T-5 lights
VIDEO: Aquarium de Monaco
3 eme partie requins et carangues
VIDEO: Monster-fish with a crazy eye!
Head larger than human!

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View Clip: (Birch Aquarium) at Scripps Institution of Oceanography...

Did you know that many Ocean Preservation programs lack the necessary funds to meet essential goals? This should not be happening, today... Before 2008, I urge you to find the nearest Ocean research of your choice, & donate to the cause.
Improving Marine Biodiversity Remains Crucial

In losing species we lose the productivity
and stability of entire ecosystems

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