The Fire-Fight Has Been Upgraded...

More hell-fires today...Matt is keeping us updated as my guest-list has now grown to three... Fortunate that I am chosen to be the one, as you'll see more (below)... Many are completely left disoriented, and yet we know that we live in chaparral climate, where annual fires and re-growth are part of the ecosystem. If anything, human presence in these regions actually slows burn-and-regrowth conditions...

For now, will post when possible.. Always keep a positive thought. xoxo

-Image-Below, From an earlier fire at Father's Forest. #
I can never forget how fortunate I was, after our own brush with fire earlier this year... Fire crews slashed a deep channel forcing the fire away, sparing us! Today, they are trying to force portions the (So. Cal.) fires into the ocean...
This is the only picture (on card) that came out!!
More later... It has been a nightmare!
But now, the fires which have threatened Father's Forest, have weakened and changed course. We should be safe now thanks to the groups of firefighters (from around the country) who dug trenches along the River to our property; and thwarted the need to evacuate our family! # A very close call
Experience teaches that here is always someone less fortunate than oneself.
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