Wildfire: Malibu Animal Sanctuary

California residents with horses and other animals within range of this fire, and in an evacuated area; are advised to act now by bringing them into this shelter… and not to wait for this to become evident.

Subconsciously I must have been worried about this, as I actually dreamt of a 'variation' of this last night! There was a huge arc high above the canyon (much like this shelter)... Every animal imaginable came from miles around...
As if by instinct, they began to board! -Watch the horses in this clip...

Veterinarians around the Country have volunteered their time to care for these animals. Quick note, if you have horses, presently with a synthetic harness, you are advised to replace this harness with natural fiber. The synthetic can actually melt in the heat, and might harm the horse...

Meanwhile my (evacuee) friends and I remain well at the "Barbay Safe harbor." :) Yesterday, our Governor traveled over Arrowhead in a National Guard Chopper (below) to gain a clearer perspective of the magnitude and spread of this fire.
(Oh, incidentally, we're just on the other side of that range!)
Fire walls of 100 ft and winds of 60mph won't stop him from saving us! :|
Photo: Jim Wilson | Arnie Assesses Deployment of Extra National Guard Troops

IMAGE: It was like Armageddon! (Says a Rancho Bernardo Resident)
Our continuing prayers for all those caught in the very center of all of this.
(More later)

P.S: As the Congress is desperate to put ANY law into effect... Democrat and Republican friends here at my home are encouraging them to CHILL OUT! We don't know how this historical fire will impact the State! Nobody is on the same page as this Congress, at all!

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