Koreans: 2nd Summit | 1st-time Smile

UPDATE: Here's that smile we were looking for: "Bridge of Peace"
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Perhaps amidst the troubles and difficulties in the World...
Some of Man's tiniest steps, often seem like giant leaps...
North, South Korean Leaders Meet for Second-Ever Summit
(L) N. Korea's Kim Jong Il - S. Korea's Roh Moo-hyun (R)
As the Leaders walked up to shake hands; Kim Jong Il was said to have uttered the words, "I'm glad to meet you" ... Met by the cheers of hundreds of thousands of North Koreans; spectators to a second time summit; and a first time to meet the South’s President Roh Moo-hyun...

Summit Is Watershed for Peace: Lim
"The two Koreas should play a major role to create a peace regime on the peninsula," said Lim. "Therefore, the two Koreas should lead the signing of a peace treaty. The United States and China may guarantee the treaty, while the United Nations ratifies it."

North Korean Talks Close to Consensus
"North Korea has shut down its plutonium-producing reactor at Yongbyon; in return for 950,000 metric tons of fuel oil or its equivalent in economic aid."

Evidently, this was the first summit (June 07, 2000)
Historic North-South Korea Summit


Oh, and it's almost not worth mentioning here (and I don't expect much) but I did send a request to do an Interview. (Didn't mention a camera-crew.) Who knows, maybe he'll agree to hold interview here (haha)
Anyway, huge long-shot, but then... who knows. :D

BBC's North Korea Slide-Show: here
Fron a caption: "The mass games spectaculars are a source of great national pride. North Koreans believe they are the best in the world; saying that it shows their unity of purpose, the suppression of the individual for the benefit of the society as a whole."

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