I'm Moving to a New Community!

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) US trip

This new location was love at first sight! Channel view of my street (below) It really takes some getting used to... Grocery store is a short ride by boat.
IMAGE: I shot this (4:30 pm) from a pretty little copper and teal boat (not shown) on my way to the market to get a newspaper… (no internet) haha

Several neighbors have swimming pools constructed in a ceramic “U” in the center between channel and waterfront… (Our “soon-to-be home” does not)...
And then there's plenty of parking, for friends. :)

Out of the chanel, we see more sunlight, facing a large body of water...
Plenty of places to explore along the cliffs and caves (opposite side)
(You definitely have to learn to Gague your fuel!)

There are bobcats, mountain lions, and many animals that come right up to the kitchen when I'm cooking (but only when I don't have a camera ready!)...At night, you can hear them talk to one-another in the wild...

I'm preparing my things to return to this paradise, in a couple of days; and will post again, as time permits...Thank you for visiting. -MB xoxo

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