Burma Crisis: Extending Universal Rights

I pray that a miracle will happen to set all of the Burmese free... How could it possibly be that they held false hope; when you and I are free...
This sadness I feel is...
Humanity being been hit with a spear, and it pierces
through the heart of every man and woman who is free.

l8rm8e says, "They have severed the Internet connection and are jamming mobiles. Journalists are being deported, and the trucks are rolling.
You are quite correct; they are in desperate need of a major international intervention." See ~UPDATE~ below...
MAX and
arqerwill says, "I counted 67 military vehicles!"

So on one stretch of road with ~70 vehicles, we can assume they are mobilizing ~1000 vehicles around the country... 15 to 20 troops each vehicle, thats ~ 20,000 more troops!
-Visit Photographers: MAX and -Now!
~UPDATE~ Today’s Monks and yesterday’s Kurds are a wake-up call to Modern Society. I pray that the World will protest by refusing to buy products, or watch and take part in games, to otherwise prevent Regimes, who keep silent, from continuing to prosper.

This is the least that we, as a Free people, can do; not only in the memory of those who strived to be free, but for those of the past who were held under the grip of these tyrants.
We must not feel as hopeless to help them, as they lack hope for themselves.
Please use your freedoms to continue to contact our country's top officials!
Continue to make these calls, today... You many need to make extra calls; as there will be those (of inaction) who will let time go by... Please support liberty!

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